It was early morning and still dark.  Bhagavathy temple was just open.  A car stopped in front of the temple.  A man and  a woman  alighted from the  car  Then they helped an elderly frail woman to get out of it. They led her to a bench near the huge centuries old banyan tree., kept a  middle sized bag  near her, whispered something and walked towards the car. Gently, the car rolled over.

Many people came  and went. The main elderly priest   observed that this old frail woman was sitting there since quite some time. She was chanting kirthans in a feeble tone.  Periodically, she was looking around.  The priest approached her: ” Amma,  it looks as if you are waiting for some one”.  ” Yes,  I am expecting  my son and  daughter- in- law  to pick me up”.  The main priest gave  her some prasadom to eat.   Time ticked away.

The main priest   was watching her. In the afternoon he  gave her part of the nivedyam.  Tearfully she said: ” They give me  very little to  eat. Look , how wrinkled my face and hands are! I have become so frail that hardly I can walk”.

No one came. It was getting darker and darker. The main priest took her home. His wife said: ” I did not get an opportunity to look after my mother. We will give her asylum. It is better not to have children like this”.  She gave a deep breath. All these years she was feeling sorry that they did not have children.  She said to herself: ” Probably, Bhagavathy herself brought her here”. Gradually, the frail old woman   became part of the family.



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