The year I joined Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, the most revered  Mata Amritandamayi popularly called as ‘Amma’  turned fifty .  There was global celebration. In Kochi celebration  site was Jawaharlal stadium. Every devotee chanted  manthras for her long life fifty and its multiple times. Fifty couple got married   with her  monetary  help and blessings. Fifty couple,  on the verge of  divorce, decided to continue their relationship. Fifty men pledged  to quit tobacco, alcohol and such other habits. Scholarships, houses , pension in multiples of fifty were granted. Every one predicted big chaos in the city. To their disappointment, even minute details were charted out and  meticulously  carried out  and thus  no room was left for complaint.

To be exact twenty three years ago in the month of January  I too  joined the group of fifty years plus women.  I thought,  my   count down had started.  Surprisingly, good things in life were happening  after fifty.  I was being  noticed in the work place. I realised that I had hobbies. Thanks to  Word Press administrators for the  magnanimous gesture of  allotting  me a free site titled dundubhy. for expressing myself. This act   gives me  pleasure and sorrow. I wonder the imagination and language of great poets and novelists.   At times I am elated over my creation  and at times depressed.  I can  feel  an innate desire burning  inside me.  I want to collect fifty shining pebbles from the riverside and laugh aloud like a child and later write about it.


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  1. Madam, It is heartening to know how you have blossomed into an able professional and gained recognition.You selected a hobby and excelled in it.More over ,the curiosity of a child was kept alive in mind.Say,how you can get old and aged then.The magic wandof 50 has worked well for you bcz you still are in 50s.expect more from you.Radhakrishnan.P.M.


  2. Madam,

    Very nice blog. I am very happy to associate with your remarkable experience and thoughts. As you said even though we are in the process of ageing, our mind should be like a child. Thank you very much for a wonderful message supplemented through your blog. Dhundubi is a word which leads us to a nostalgic era.

    May I reamain. Expecting your valuatble informations through the blog.

    Thulasi Murali


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