(Write up to highlight the prompt word perplexed)

In general, I  enjoy advertisements.   One  advertisement  amused me every time I watched it.  One day,  a  girl  and her boy friend   are having a good time  sitting in her room. Suddenly, her father knocks at the door and enters.  No doubt, she is confused and  perplexed. Some how , the boy friend  manages  to hide behind the door.  Daughter shows   a  brand new     mobile to her father and he is impressed by the  umpteen number of new features  it has   and is  very much  excited  over its  low e price  and happily  leaves the room.

My grand son has the typical red and black  helmet usually worn by the cyclists. Very often, I see the helmet left on the verandah of my house and his cycle will be missing.  On one such  occasion, his father took away the helmet and walked home.   After a while,  my grandson returned jovially and started searching for the helmet.  He  sensed that he was going to be  caught red handed for  duping.  He was totally  perplexed  and did not dare to face his father.

In life, we can see small children lying  and  we elders    should avoid scolding or  beating them for that. Instead, narrate stories to them at bed time and try to  inculcate good habits.  Remember, children are watchful and they try to imitate elders. Hence, we too have to be careful.



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