That was a Saturday.  He got two tickets reserved for the movie. After the movie was  over  he  wanted  to take her to the posh restaurant.  He hummed  a song while driving home.  She opened the door for him. He felt, something was fishy. He freshened up quickly. She too got ready. They went to the movie and later to the restaurant. She said: ‘I am not hungry’. Way back both were silent. She was cold in the bed.

He was puzzled.In the morning he asked her : ‘Are you alright?’ ‘Why?’ she asked him. Suddenly, she wept. Put her head over his shoulder. He held her close and gently patted her back.  She blurted out: ‘My brother had come. He demanded money. he was avoiding eye contact. His behaviour was totally unacceptable to me. He was elusive. I think , he is on drugs’.  ‘ We will take him to a good psychologist and if necessary to a de-addiction center.’  She felt relieved and relaxed.